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Re: failure notice (about relays.osirusoft.com)

On Sun, Aug 18, 2002 at 12:27:08PM +1000, Jason Lim wrote:
> Dear Russel (and anyone else who is using relays.osirusoft.com),
> Because you are using the combined RBL relays.osirusoft.com, and since Joe
> Jared (single operator of relays.osirusoft) has a documented chip on his
> shoulder against Asia and iAdvantage (upstream,  one of the largest
> bandwidth carriers in HK), you'll be missing email from a lot of Asia.

There are some DNSBL that block nearly all of Asia.  That is because:

1) So very much spam either originates or is relayed through Asian

2) Not one Asian ISP has ever responded to any of the spam complaints.
   Nor, evidently, do they respond to anybody else's spam complaints,

> Might I suggest 3 effective alternatives (there are many others, but these
> ones I've tested and are good):
> relays.visi.com
> relays.ordb.org
> bl.spamcop.net

I use the last two, as well as osirusoft.  And my spam input has
dropped dramatically since configuring my server to query three

However, in the spirit of keeping my communications as open as possible,
I'll switch to visi from osirusoft for a week.  If my spam intake
doesn't noticably go up, fine.  If not, back to osirusoft.

> SO... if you plan on receiving email from me or Asia, I suggest you use
> RBLs with clear listing and removal policies and methods (eg. the RBLs I
> listed above, and others),

This is a good policy.  Using DNSBL's that don't have some
resolution method for a black listing is risky.  However, osirusoft
does have a resolution policy, contrary to your complaint.

Simply fix the problem, then ask for a retest.  If you retest OK,
then you get taken off the BL.

Mind you, lists like xbl.selwerd.cx have neither a resolution policy,
NOR a nomination policy.  An ip address can end up being black
listed simply because some OTHER ip address initiated some spam.

Now there is a list to REALLY complain about!

> and not relays.osirusoft.com (OR if you must
> use osirusoft, then use the pick and choose the individual RBLs under
> relays.orisusoft.com,

What are you talking about?  There isn't, as far as I know, a "list of
RBL's under relays.osirusoft.com".  If you are refering to the ability
to query a number of DNSBL's through:


then please realize that the list of DNSBL's that is generated by a
query through this tool are NOT "under" osirusoft.com in any way,
shape or form.

This page is simply a tool, provided as a courtesy,
that allows the user to test a single IP address against a great
many open DNSBL's.

> otherwise you'll be using a list that combines many
> other RBLs together,

No, osirusoft does NOT combine a great many RBL's together, though
there does appear to be some cross fertilization between the various

> including militant ones and other shoddy ones).


is not a list of all of the sources that feed into osirusoft.

If it were, then I could not use osirusoft, because one of the
BL's queried by this tool lists MY address!

   [ And, no, I've never spammed, nor is my MTA an open relay . . .
     the guy who runs xbl.selwerd.cx simply lists every IP address
     owned by the company if *ANY* IP address owned by that company
     has ever spammed . . . and I buy my net connection from AT&T,
     one of the biggest cable modem connection providers in
     the US of A.

John S.

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