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Re: Importing all DDTP PO files in Pootle....

2008/7/15 Christian Perrier <bubulle@debian.org>:
> ...just killed Pootle...:-)
> According to Friedel Wolff, this is not really a surprise.
> He expects the development version to have better chances to
> survive...

Has Gintautas' SQL backend for storage been integrated into the
development version of Pootle?
IIRC, I/O was one of the problems of Pootle and Gintautas tried to fix
that during his GSoC project.

> Indeed, the load we're putting on the poor Pootle is fairly high:
> pootle@churro:~/ddtp$ find . -name \*.po | wc -l
> 584127

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