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Re: [faw@funlabs.org: Re: DDTP-Links on CDD tasks web pages]

On 2008/7/16 Felipe Augusto van de Wiel (faw) wrote:
>        Yes, but DDTSS is not a interface to provide descriptions
> for CDD Task Pages

Uhm, that's a really stupid argument.  I can only guess that you
really missed the point of my effort to HELP translating package
descriptions.  Is it so hard to understand that people involved in a
certain topic are potentially good translators?  Is your team really
that strong that you can refuse the help of these people?  The
numbers of translated descriptions are not impressive enouth
to draw this conclusion.

> and it is not the first time they got abused.

Yes.  That's why I'm trying since 10 days [1] to find out what
might be the correct way to support you properly but got no
reasonable response until now.  Can you please be so kind
and say exactly whether what I'm doing is abuse (nobody really
told me so up to now) and what actually the abuse is?

> DDTSS is a Translation Tool,

Great - I would like to attract translators - so what????

> ddt.cgi has a different interface and
> can certainly provide the translations required.

Well, if you would have done a look at the links to the tasks
pages you would have seen that the "required" translations
are just obtained and they are obtained the way I was recommended
here by parsing the translation files.  I would be very happy if you
try to make some accusations after checking the facts.  All the
fuzz is exactly about fixing broken translations in the DDTP database
and I wonder whether my ability to speak English is insufficient to
explain this here on this list. :-((

>        Now, this is a "feature request" as pointed out by Michael,
> right now, there is no "magic" URL that interfaces with the CDD
> desired model of work, and the "click-n-run" behavior adds a
> burden to the translation teams because those packages are always
> popping up on their "pending translation list" and in a lot of
> cases they are not the priority of the translation teams.

Well, on what list do you think should a fix for a broken translation
apear.  What exactly is the priority of the translation teams if it
are not translations that are not correct and some kind soul tries
to provide a fix.  Are we talking about cooperation in Free Software
world or are there some different principles here???

>        If those "experts" wants to help, why they can't join the
> translation teams, or why can't we point them to a Wiki page that
> clearly explains what must be done regarding DDTSS translation
> until we can provide the desired behavior from DDTP and/or DDTSS.

I have no idea why you are a providing a web interface for translations
without sufficient description and you give me the impression that this
should not be used.  The more I dive into this the more I wonder whether
you need people who try to translate.

Grisu, if this whole CGI stuff should not be used do you think it is
better to generate a mail and let the user use the mail interface
to provide translations?

Kind regards


[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-i18n/2008/07/msg00071.html


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