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Re: Monitor system (was: Re: Announce of the upcoming NMU for the dtc package

Quoting Neil Williams (codehelp@debian.org):

> where the depth of blue and red are increasing, something I have noted
> in the translations stats of my own packages, neither debconf nor
> package translations are attracting (sv) translation updates. Increasing
> amounts of blue and red are indicators of bit rot setting in.

As I mentioned in another thread, this is changing. Martin Bagge
recently started to work on debconf translations for Swedish and the
gradual decrease of Swedish has stopped now.

This shows an important point, indeed: nearly all teams are fairly
weak and depend on 1 or 2 individuals, either doing the work or
animating the team. Swedish had a great bump in the past because of
Daniel Nylander investing a lot of time into it. When he stepped
aside, the work suddenly slowed down.

Even the teams that appear as strong ones are indeed much weaker than
people think. For instance, my personal view on the French team is
that we're now only a few individuals who maintain the pace, and
concentrating more and more of the effort. Indeed, more than 3-4 years
ago. For instance, noone picked up the Etch and a half translation as
of now....

Actually, like in other parts of Debian, there's some feeling that
resources are drawn from the project and I expect that phenomenon to
increase over time. Mostly because the natural movement is to have
people move to other things which always happened....but now we have
less new blood coming in the l10n work.

Explaining what's the cause of this is an exercise left to the reader.

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