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Re: Monitor system (was: Re: Announce of the upcoming NMU for the dtc package

On Tue, Jul 08, 2008 at 11:22:38PM +0930, Clytie Siddall wrote:
> On 06/07/2008, at 10:01 PM, Nicolas François wrote:
>> There are similar statistics on:
>> http://i18n.debian.net/debian-l10n-stats/unstable/year/
> This is interesting: I haven't seen it before. Nicolas, where do the  
> po4a stats come from? The Manuals branch? It would be handy to be able  
> to track down missing translations. We can do that for debconf, but I  
> don't know how to do it for po4a.

This uses some heuristics to guess that some PO files are PO files
generated by po4a (e.g. it is included in a po4a directory)
(So it's not necessarily manpages, it could also be some other kind of

For statistics, the main pages I use are:
 * http://i18n.debian.net/debian-l10n-stats/unstable/year/main.html
   (it shows the trend and ranking for po-debconf strings)
 * http://i18n.debian.net/debian-l10n-stats/unstableBTS/year/main.html
   (Only useful for teams with status data from a robot)

I've just added trend graphics for d-i strings:
And the web site:

I use to have the trend for the number of translated manpages. The rrd are
there: http://i18n.debian.net/debian-l10n-stats/unstable/man/
(but I can't remember where the graphs are generated ;)


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