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Re: [INTL:sv] Updated translation for debconf template

Quoting Luca Capello (luca@pca.it):
> Hi there!
> Please Cc: me, I'm not subscribed to the list.
> On Thu, 26 Jun 2008 22:02:19 +0200, Martin Bagge wrote:
> > package: hyperspec
> > severity: wishlist
> > tags: patch l10n
> Is this the start of a new translation campaign?  Or is this a single
> language update, which should be included ASAP?

There's nothing coordinated running currently on hyperspec. I guess
that Martin Bagge was then doing an isolated update for Swedish.

Indeed, Martin started to updated Swedish debconf translations several
weeks ago, in the middle of the l10n NMU campaign, so I guess that
he's more or less going backwards with packages for which I did an
NMU+update round in the last months.

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