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Re: Translated packages descriptions progress


> You are the 'google summer of code' boy, right?

That's correct.

> Please don't depend your work on the ddtp server. If we have the new
> i18n system running, we will stop the ddtp server and move to the new
> system. 

That's great!  Thanks for the clarification.  I initially thought this
was the case, but then I saw the DDTP infrastructure you have at the
moment (the web page, e-mail system, etc.) and assumed that you would
like to keep that.  By the way, adding a compatible e-mail interface to
the new system should be easy, a few days' work.  Perhaps we could even
reuse the old code.

> for the ddtp in the new i18n system we need:
>  1. some importer to get package Descriptions from the Packagefiles
>     from the ftp server


>  2. do the work in the new i18n system (po files, translation, review,
>     etc)

Check -- except for review.  I don't think Pootle has review
mechanisms at the moment, but I intend to address that.  My work on is
not on Pootle's UI directly but the storage layer, and I have built in
review helpers there, I will try to get the to the UI too.

>  3. some exporter to generating the Translation files for the ftp
> master


There's also a need to import descriptions from Translation-?? files in
order to get the existing translations in the system and I have that

I'll try to set up a test system in the next few days and post a
pointer here so you can have a look.

Best regards,
Gintautas Miliauskas

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