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Re: Translated packages descriptions progress

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On 07/31/2006 04:53 AM, Michael Bramer wrote:
> On Sun, Jul 30, 2006 at 06:55:19PM -0300, Felipe Augusto van de Wiel (faw) wrote:
>>On 07/30/2006 03:26 AM, Michael Vogt wrote:
>>>Dear Friends,
>>Hi Michael,
> Hi
>>>the current version of apt in debian/experimental has support for
>>>translated package descriptions and we have a the current translations
>>>available for sid on the mirrors (currently not on ftp.debian.org 
>>>itself because of the mirror split I suspect).
>>	In a couple of mirrors that I checked, the translations look
>>a little bit out-of-date (from May.2006), is this expected and for
>>now the idea is just have it for tests, or we will have it being
>>update automagically (which would be wonderful). :-)
> Yes, yesterday I see the out-of-date files too. The problem ist a
> broken cronjob on ddtp.debian.net. sorry
> I will check and fix this. 

	Thanks. :-)

>>>Please help testing the new code and report problems and/or
>>>success. It should be enough to install apt, python-apt, synaptic from
>>>experimental and if your LANG is set to something other than C it
>>>should download the appropriate translation indexes and displays them
>>>with apt-cache or synaptic (warning: not everything is translated
>>	It is already based on the recent work of Michael Bramer (grisu)?
> I don't work on apt and co. This work is based on otavio's work.

	Sorry, I was asking about your work in ddtp/ddts. ;)

> But the running ddtp-server is my work. But only for the next months.
> We like to switch the ddtp as part of the new i18n-framework. 


>>	I have a few doubts, because I would like to ask the Brazilian
>>Portuguese Team to start working on it again, so here they go:
>>	The review process is the same?
> no. the currend ddtp-server don't support the review process, sorry. 

	No problem, just to let the translators aware.

	We can use the pseudo-urls system to review that, before
the translator send it back to the ddtp-server.

>>	There are also "coordinators" with special commands to the
>>	pdesc server? (At least for Brazilian team, we will need to
>>	update that address).
>>	Is there anything else that we could do to help DDTP?
> dito. The server don't know all the special commands from the old
> ddtp-server yet. sorry. No 'help', no 'admin', no 'review' etc. 
> But I like to add some of them. But we should concentrate on the work
> of the i18n framework. 


>>	We exchange a lot of ideas about the DDTP during DebConf6,
>>we also tried to add this as a "pet release goal" for etch, but for
>>quite a while now, there were no news, thanks for this report. :-)
> yes. But all the ideas about the DDTP during DebConf6, are ideas about
> the new i18n framework.
> I hope we can test the new apt version and can get this version to sid
> and after some days to testing. 

	Ok, I will work on a few tests for pt_BR.

	BTW, the translations are all in UTF-8, or it doesn't matter?

	Kind regards,

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