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Re: Translated packages descriptions progress


> > I could of course write a version that sends a flurry of e-mails to
> > DDTP, but that's probably not a very good idea :)  It would be best
> > to talk directly to the database.
> AIUI, if you do that it will reserve a chunk of the database to you.
> When you send a translation it checks first if it has sent it to you
> before accepting it. You can't request a translation for a specific
> package, nor can you request it non-exclusively.

Ouch.  Thing is, I am trying to get the web-based translation system
Pootle to grok DDTP descriptions.  Pootle stores translations
as .po files internally.  I already have the Translation-?? dump
<-> .po bridge running, but it appears that this isn't very useful
because actually a DDTS database <-> .po bridge is needed.  So,
question is, what should I do if I want to talk to the database

As far as I understand, end-users actually use the Translation-?? files.

> > In what format would you prefer to get the translations?  Assuming
> > that I do unwrapping, etc., to make translation easier, I suppose
> > that plain .po files would not be very convenient.  It would be
> > best if the same script did the wrapping and the unwrapping.
> They way you send stuff to the DDTS with Description-<lang> stuff is
> reasonably straightforward.

I assume you meant the e-mail way?  I am not particularly happy with
using e-mail for communication between two programs.

Gintautas Miliauskas

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