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Re: Comments (was: About dpkg translation, please consider i18n when choosing words

> Confused. We edit the POT file to create a .po file (only changes are  
> headers). Then we input translations. Normally, in a gettext .po  
> file, you input translator comments as well, in the .po file. Are you  
> saying not to do that?

Yes. For debconf stuff, this is not the way to proceed, from the
package maintainer point of view.

POT files are generated from a spcial file in the build tree which
looks like this (from geneweb):

Template: geneweb/lang
Type: select
# This is a comment
# This is the default choice. Translators may put their own language here
# instead of the default.
# WARNING : you MUST use the iso_639 two-letter code of your language
_Default: en[ translators, please see comment in PO files]
_Description: Geneweb default language:
 Geneweb can display its prompts in a number of languages.
 Select a default language for Geneweb to use in its page rendering.
 Other languages will still be available.

Template: geneweb/port
Type: string
DefaultChoice: 2317
_Description: Geneweb daemon listening port:
 The port used by the geneweb daemon (gwd) for incoming connections may be configured here.
 Choose a port number above 1023 for the port gwd will listen to.
 If unsure, leave the default value of 2317.

Template: geneweb/run_mode
Type: select
__Choices: Always on, Manual
_Default: Always on
_Description: Geneweb start mode:
 The Geneweb daemon gwd can be launched automatically at startup,
 manually by the system administrator, or by any user when it is needed.
 If you choose "Always on", Geneweb will be launched at the system startup.
 If you want to prevent the automatic startup of Geneweb, for
 example if you prefer to run it as a CGI program, then choose "Manual".

Template: geneweb/remainingdir
Type: note
_Description: Old directory /var/geneweb not removed
 Previous versions of both official and unofficial packages for Geneweb
 used non FHS-compliant /var/geneweb directory for storing databases.
 It has been detected that this directory was used on your system. Some
 files have been moved from there to /var/lib/geneweb but the geneweb
 installation scripts found some unexpected files in /var/geneweb.
 Thus the directory has been left intact. It is highly recommended that you
 check the remaining files there and move them to /var/lib/geneweb, then
 remove the /var/geneweb directory.

Template: geneweb/oldrcfile
Type: note
_Description: Old setup file moved
 Previous versions of both official and unofficial packages for Geneweb
 used a file named /etc/geneweb/genewebrc for keeping local setup for the
 listening port and the default language of the program.
 Debian standards suggest such file to live in /etc/default/geneweb.
 The configuration file has been moved and renamed to /etc/default/geneweb.
 This note will only appear once except if you inadvertently re-create


The POT file is auto-generated at build time from that file.

Indeed, auto-generation of POT files is very common. See the
discussion about dpkg where it is suggested that comments should be
put in the POT file. It turns out that these comments have indeed to
be put in the source code files.

It makes more sense. Source code is the file really written by the
developer. So him/her putting comments for translators just here makes
sense. More sense than editing a special file (s)he doesn't really
know about.

> >
> >And, apologies for my yelling. Bad behaviour.
> Accepted. Really inappropriate in my culture, and nearly scared me  
> off. Apology helps. Recovering.

 "Yelling" is sometimes the only way to really enhance an idea you
 feel important (indeed, here, this was using capital letters). So it
 happens...and will probably happen from time to time.

But it was inappropriate here : no real excuse for doing so.

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