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[PATCH 1/7] Fix the generation of pkg-lists/standard-udebs [PATCH 1/8] debian/changelog: mark 20100802-1 as UNRELEASED for now [PATCH 2/7] Override $(genext2fs) in config/hurd.cfg [PATCH 2/8] Reindent changelog for consistency [PATCH 3/7] Fine-tune the Hurd configuration [PATCH 3/8] debian/patches/procfs/*: New patches for /proc symlinks [PATCH 4/7] Add /lib/ and /servers/exec to Hurd initrd's. [PATCH 5/7] Include a BDF font on Hurd images. [PATCH 5/8] debian/rules: remove the part store hack [PATCH 6/7] Temporary workaround: preseed file for Hurd images [PATCH 6/8] hurd-udeb: configure the network on the target [PATCH 7/7] Work around my laziness wrt. signing the Release file for my repository. [PATCH 7/8] debian/hurd-udeb.links: link /lib/unifont.bdf to be the console default font [PATCH 8/8] Pre-build changelog entry for 20100802-1~jk7 Re: [SCM] Debian GNU Hurd packaging branch, master, updated. upstream/20100821-427-gb86ad02 Arbitrary Limits (was: Help in testing a patch for efax-gtk FTBFS on hurd) Bug#184565: marked as done (libc0.3: missing shm* functions (from <sys/shm.h>)) Bug#47998: Come si chiamano? Bug#503564: marked as done (Updating the hurd Uploaders list) Bug#576519: marked as done (hurd: /hurd/ext2fs crashes on startup) Bug#591386: since: Does not work as expected on GNU/Hurd Bug#594285: hurd: non-standard gcc/g++ used for build (gcc-4.3) Bug#594285: marked as done (hurd: non-standard gcc/g++ used for build (gcc-4.3)) Bug#594658: debian-policy: Add FHS exception for GNU/Hurd directories For memorable autumn breaks, look in the book Hurd patches for installer/build hurd_20100701-1_hurd-i386.changes REJECTED hurd_20100829-1_hurd-i386.changes ACCEPTED Re: Ihre Anfrage Nr. 270367207987 Patches used for hurd 20100802-1~jk7 Please give back ppl Processed: Bug#594285 marked as pending Processed: tagging 594285 Processing of hurd_20100701-1_hurd-i386.changes Processing of hurd_20100829-1_hurd-i386.changes Python packages hardcoding errno values Shouldn't we use partition type 63 (GNU HURD)? Some kFreeBSD port of Installation manual Valeria de O. Botelho has invited you to join APSense VirtualBox / Building gnumach with minimal drivers The last update was on 06:28 GMT Thu Aug 01. There are 79 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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