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Re: VirtualBox / Building gnumach with minimal drivers


"Jens Mühlenhoff", le Tue 24 Aug 2010 12:02:59 +0200, a écrit :
> the boot procedures takes eons (a few minutes).

Yes, it has been reported already, and is most probably a concern in
VirtualBox itself, as qemu/kvm takes just a few seconds.

> I think that one of the built-in drivers of gnumach is the problem here,

I guess you're thinking about the "probing eata" messages, which I added
precisely because VirtualBox takes eons to emulate it. This is

linux/src/drivers/scsi/eata.c:   printk("probing eata on %lx\n",

> so I was looking at the source package of gnumach, but couldn't find
> any documentation on how to specify which drives to include (linux
> Linux "make menuconfig").

It's the usual configure --enable/--disable.

€ ./configure --help | grep eata
  --enable-eata           Linux device driver for SCSI controller EATA
  --enable-eata_dma       Linux device driver for SCSI controller EATA-DMA
  --enable-eata_pio       Linux device driver for SCSI controller EATA-PIO


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