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Patches used for hurd 20100802-1~jk7

Hi, these are the patches I have used for the latest of my modified d-i
hurd packages.

The first two could probably be merged (btw, 20100802-1 has not yet been
uploaded, right?):

[PATCH 1/8] debian/changelog: mark 20100802-1 as UNRELEASED for now
[PATCH 2/8] Reindent changelog for consistency

The next few ones just include the patches I submitted to bug-hurd
recently, and update debian/rules accordingly. Maybe merging them and
taking a new upstream snapshot would be preferable?

[PATCH 3/8] debian/patches/procfs/*: New patches for /proc symlinks
[PATCH 4/8] debian/patches/buildsys/*: New patches (build system fixes)
[PATCH 5/8] debian/rules: remove the part store hack

The next two are hurd-udeb changes, which should probably be pushed:

[PATCH 6/8] hurd-udeb: configure the network on the target
[PATCH 7/8] debian/hurd-udeb.links: link /lib/unifont.bdf to be the console default font

The last one is not interesting but I include it for the sake of

[PATCH 8/8] Pre-build changelog entry for 20100802-1~jk7

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