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Re: Darcs? Was: Git?


Am Sonntag, den 05.07.2009, 12:06 +0200 schrieb Joachim Breitner:
> Oh, here is a prototype of what I’d imaging. I modified your script to
> pkg-haskell-checkout[0], but I’d imagine this can be merged into
> debcheckout if it works out[1].
> [..]
> [0] I couldn’t push:
> darcs: takeLock /srv/darcs.debian.org/darcs/pkg-haskell/_darcs/lock
> in /srv/darcs.debian.org/darcs/pkg-haskell:
> atomic_create /srv/darcs.debian.org/darcs/pkg-haskell/_darcs/lock
> in /srv/darcs.debian.org/darcs/pkg-haskell: permission denied
> (Permission denied)

I see Marco is splitting the repository. And my script works with his
packages already, great :-)

Thus I put the script in a new darcs repository „pkg-haskell-tools“:

darcs get alioth.debian.org:/darcs/pkg-haskell/pkg-haskell-tools

Feel free to use it for all kinds of scripts and snippets for the group.

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