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Team maint update

Hi folks,

Florian added me as an admin on the pkg-haskell project on Alioth.  I am
in the process of setting it up for our use.  I will let everyone know
when it's ready.  So far, I have:

* Submitted a ticket to the Alioth admins to create our Git area

* Created a pkg-haskell-maintainers mailing list

* Created some stuff on using it in the Wiki

Left for me to do:

* Write a script to create the Git repos (after admin reply)

* Configure pkg-haskell-maintainers appropriately

* Finish wiki docs

The timeframe depends heavily on how fast the Alioth admins move, but I
hope to have it ready ASAP.

I will be happy to start moving some of the packages I maintain into
there quickly as well.  Even those that I'm upstream on.

-- John

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