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Re: [LiS-styret] Re: Commercial involvement of SLX Debian Labs in Debian Edu market

On Wed, Jul 28, 2004 at 07:45:26PM +0200, Knut Yrvin wrote:
> onsdag 28. juli 2004, 18:50, skrev Morten Ingebrigtsen:
> > Som jeg forstår er kjernen i denne diskusjonen en kontrakt mellom SLX
> > D.L. (for "oppstartshjelp" og tredjelinje support) og firma X (som
> > kompetanseleverandør mot sluttkunde).
> Slik jeg ser det har kjernen i denne siskusjonen blitt til om Linux Labs, 
> FAJ og andre i "Linux i skolen" skal ha informasjon om hva konkurrerende 
> foretak kontakter SLX Debian Labs om - før slike firma selv ønsker å gå ut 
> med informasjon. 

Hmm, this needs to get translated, as we here is at the core of the
problem (I think). 

 The way I see it, the core of this discussion is if Linux Labs AS (RW),
 BzzWare AS (FAJ) and others in "Linux i Skolen/Skolelinux" should have
 information about what competitors contacts SLX Debian labs about,
 before these companies wishes to step forward themself.

I think part of the problem is that there is a bit of uncertainity of
which role The Project Leader of Skolelinux (not the elected leader of
Skolelinux/Linux i Skolen) has in this. When is he the project leader
of Skolelinux, and when is he an employee of SLX Debian Labs. The
people involved with Skolelinux development pretty much know when we
step on another contributors area. If so, we talk, and things will be
sorted out in best interest for the project and involved parties. But
when the project leader is asking questions on how to run a
Skolelinux-installation, and how to make sure upgrades and such is done
properly, and this is because this is a "demand" from this
"not-to-be-named" competitor, then I for one, feel that this is to give
away my own trade-secrets. 

> Prinsippielt er dette problematisk da det griper rett inn i habiliteten til 
> de som spør som å vita hva konkurrenter foretar seg - før ting er ferdig 
> forhandlet. Hvor riktig er det at f.eks. et styremedlem som samtidig er 
> daglig leder i "Linux-firma X" får vite hva konkurrerende selskap som heter 
> "Linux-firma Y" spør SLX Debian Labs om? 

 By principle, it's problematic when it comes to the questioned if the
 person(s) asking is colored, because he/she is asking what the
 competitors are doing/thinking, before agreements are finished
 negotiated. How fair is it that by example, one board member, who at
 the same time is the Manager of "Linux-firm X", gets to know what the
 competing company named "Linux-firm Y" is asking SLX Debian Labs

Well, I guess it almost like when a project leader is asking: 
 How much time will it take to do this ? 
 How would you ensure that ? 
And not telling that it's a third party, who is going to demolish the
possibility for "Linux-firm Z", that wants this information. 

> Når det gjelder SLX Debian labs, er de allerede et kompetansesenter slik det 
> ble skissert fra Utdannins og forskningsdepartementet på møte 15. november 
> 2002: 
> http://developer.skolelinux.no/info/prosjektet/referater/ref_ufd_20021115.txt

<Short Translation/Rewrite>
 SLX Debian labs is created to meet the demands for a thrustworthy
 organization, and organization to point at if/when somethings failes.
 This was one of the demands from a meeting with Department of
 Education and Research on november 15. 2002
</short translation/rewrite>

The problem is when beeing a project leader of Skolelinux conflicts
with the interest of SLX Debian Labs. It should not be possible, but
this mailthread show that it's happened. SLX Debian labs is about to
step on the toes on some of the contributors to the Skolelinux Project. 

Finn-Arne Johansen 

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