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Re: [LiS-styret] Re: Commercial involvement of SLX Debian Labs in Debian Edu market

onsdag 28. juli 2004, 14:10, skrev Markus Gamenius:
> I'm also stressing You to tell as much as possible as soon as possible
> about what this deal is all about. What are they going to do? What shall
> SLX-Debian-Labs do? What do SLX-Debian-Labs and Skolelinux get in
> return?

Thats why I tried to draw attention to what we was doing in the e-mail 15:25 
Tuesday July 27th 2004. It's understandable that it's much to grasp in 
documents that summaries what has happened the last two years. Anyway, it's 
heavily documented, and everything is posted on the e-mail-lists, and is in 
CVS. I am glad to quote this again: 


  This three minutes and reports shows the process and the aspirations: 


  Currently we are helping a national service provider to deploy a 
  centralised day-to-day operation centre with Skolelinux. We do this in 
  accordance with the plan of action for 2004 that accompanies The 
  Program for Digital Competence 2004-2008 from The Ministry of Education 
  and Research. The plans with this has been announced and worked on 
  since the autumn 2002, after request from the people in the department, 
  or the politicians in Oslo: 



In other words, we have told a lot of people and institutions about our 
goals and plans - often from direct questions from different organisations.
The origin of the plans are heavily documented. The best of the competitors 
it was commented in the negotiations with representatives of 530 
municipalities and public offices. Even the contract proposals has been 
committed to CVS. 

In negotiating with the municipalities their legal advisor told us to stop 
that practice because it is not allowed. Also a short memo and minutes are 
committed to CVS after such meetings - if suchlike things are not prevented 
by the form of the meeting. We ask the people we talk to in which form we 
can document what we are talking about, because we does most of our ting 
the free software way, so that we don't does any problems later in the 

* Some uses the possibilities, others don't

Some companies has found out that they should contact SLX Debian Labs to get 
help with realization of their plans. We invite them to study whats already 
documented, and we give them our best advice. Somebody uses the advice they 
like and throw away what they don't want to use. Others say theire not 
interested because they has other ranking of priorities. 

In the hardware vendor marked I have given this offer equally to all the 
companies that sells hardware. There was two companies that really jumped 
into this offer. One of them was In/Out that also got the national 
agreement with Directorate for Primary and Secondary Education for selling 
newer reused computers to the schools. They say that the Skolelinux effort 
was the engagement that tipped the agreement in their direction. 

The CIO in on of the other hardware companies told me to take a holiday 
after he showed me of his recently acquisition of a new Mercedes. It's more 
intersting for me personally to help people who ask for help with schools 
deploying Skolelinux instead of listening to people that have bought 
themself a new Mercedes, and recommend the projectmanager in Skolelinux to 
take ha vacation :-).  


Knut Yrvin
Prosjektleder Skolelinux / teknisk veileder for norsk OpenOffice
Kontor: IT-staben i Akershus fylkeskommune, Schweigaards gate 4, 
0185 Oslo -- E-post: knuty@skolelinux.no, Mob: 90895765

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