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Re: [LiS-styret] Re: Commercial involvement of SLX Debian Labs in Debian Edu market

Noen spørsmål (på norsk):

Som jeg forstår er kjernen i denne diskusjonen en kontrakt mellom SLX
D.L. (for "oppstartshjelp" og tredjelinje support) og firma X (som
kompetanseleverandør mot sluttkunde).

Skal SLX D.L. tilby (i dette tilfellet selge) slike tjenester? Burde
ikke det vært overlatt til rent kommersielle foretak? (Linuxlabs, FAJ
m.fl. er da i stand til å levere slik support...)

Dersom SLX D.L. skal selge slike tjenester (dvs operere som kommersiell
tjenesteleverandør), burde ikke da alle avtaler baseres på åpne,
ufravikelige standard-kontrakter (level playing ground)?

Personlig tror jeg ikke det er sunt om SLX D.L. opererer som kommersiell
tjenesteleverandør, hvor de nødvendigvis vil komme i konkurranse med
andre som leverer slike tjenester (LL, FAJ, m.fl) og samtidig bidrar
sterkt til prosjektet. Jeg ser en stor fare for at SLX D.L. skyter seg
selv i foten her. Men det er min mening...

Hva er/blir SLX D.L. politikk på dette området?

Morten Ingebrigtsen <morteni@skolelinux.no>

On Wed, 2004-07-28 at 15:44, Knut Yrvin wrote:
> onsdag 28. juli 2004, 14:10, skrev Markus Gamenius:
> > I'm also stressing You to tell as much as possible as soon as possible
> > about what this deal is all about. What are they going to do? What shall
> > SLX-Debian-Labs do? What do SLX-Debian-Labs and Skolelinux get in
> > return?
> Thats why I tried to draw attention to what we was doing in the e-mail 15:25 
> Tuesday July 27th 2004. It's understandable that it's much to grasp in 
> documents that summaries what has happened the last two years. Anyway, it's 
> heavily documented, and everything is posted on the e-mail-lists, and is in 
> CVS. I am glad to quote this again: 
> <quotation>
>   This three minutes and reports shows the process and the aspirations: 
>   http://developer.skolelinux.no/info/prosjektet/referater/ref_ufd_20021115.txt
>   http://developer.skolelinux.no/info/prosjektet/referater/troverdig_org.txt
>   http://www.norden.org/nr/2-6-5-rek/sk/2004/Fre_02_2004.pdf
>   Currently we are helping a national service provider to deploy a 
>   centralised day-to-day operation centre with Skolelinux. We do this in 
>   accordance with the plan of action for 2004 that accompanies The 
>   Program for Digital Competence 2004-2008 from The Ministry of Education 
>   and Research. The plans with this has been announced and worked on 
>   since the autumn 2002, after request from the people in the department, 
>   or the politicians in Oslo: 
>   http://developer.skolelinux.no/info/prosjektet/referater/ref_ufd_20021115.txt
>   http://developer.skolelinux.no/driftskonsepter/detaljertsoeknad.html
>   http://developer.skolelinux.no/driftskonsepter/utsikt.html
>   http://developer.skolelinux.no/driftskonsepter/soeknad-UFD-endelig.sxw
> </quotation>
> In other words, we have told a lot of people and institutions about our 
> goals and plans - often from direct questions from different organisations.
> The origin of the plans are heavily documented. The best of the competitors 
> it was commented in the negotiations with representatives of 530 
> municipalities and public offices. Even the contract proposals has been 
> committed to CVS. 
> In negotiating with the municipalities their legal advisor told us to stop 
> that practice because it is not allowed. Also a short memo and minutes are 
> committed to CVS after such meetings - if suchlike things are not prevented 
> by the form of the meeting. We ask the people we talk to in which form we 
> can document what we are talking about, because we does most of our ting 
> the free software way, so that we don't does any problems later in the 
> process. 
> * Some uses the possibilities, others don't
> Some companies has found out that they should contact SLX Debian Labs to get 
> help with realization of their plans. We invite them to study whats already 
> documented, and we give them our best advice. Somebody uses the advice they 
> like and throw away what they don't want to use. Others say theire not 
> interested because they has other ranking of priorities. 
> In the hardware vendor marked I have given this offer equally to all the 
> companies that sells hardware. There was two companies that really jumped 
> into this offer. One of them was In/Out that also got the national 
> agreement with Directorate for Primary and Secondary Education for selling 
> newer reused computers to the schools. They say that the Skolelinux effort 
> was the engagement that tipped the agreement in their direction. 
> The CIO in on of the other hardware companies told me to take a holiday 
> after he showed me of his recently acquisition of a new Mercedes. It's more 
> intersting for me personally to help people who ask for help with schools 
> deploying Skolelinux instead of listening to people that have bought 
> themself a new Mercedes, and recommend the projectmanager in Skolelinux to 
> take ha vacation :-).  
> Sincerely 
> Knut Yrvin
> -- 
> Prosjektleder Skolelinux / teknisk veileder for norsk OpenOffice
> Kontor: IT-staben i Akershus fylkeskommune, Schweigaards gate 4, 
> 0185 Oslo -- E-post: knuty@skolelinux.no, Mob: 90895765

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