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Re: [LiS-styret] Re: Commercial involvement of SLX Debian Labs in Debian Edu market

torsdag 29. juli 2004, 01:24, skrev Finn-Arne Johansen:
> this is because this is a "demand" from this
> "not-to-be-named" competitor

You have to include the requiremens from The Ministry of Education and 
Research. The not-to-be-named company asked if they could accompany when 
doing this effort for the Ministry. 

We have an open invitation thorug my questions, to do what we already have 
planed and documented to do in meetings with the Ministry Sept. 17th 2001, 
Sept. 24. 2002, and Nov. 15. 2002. It's a part of The program for Digital 
Competece 2004-2008 from The Ministry of Education and Research. The 201 
page project plan for our part was published may 1. 2002. The intention 
behind the question was explained in a e-mail 15:44 July 29th 2004. 
Unfortunately all the documentation is in Norwegian, and I would not use a 
minute to translate all this. 


I addressed my questions to the debian-edu-list in accordance with the plans 
already made 2-3 years ago. 

When it comes to client confidentiality, I got a mail today that emphasize 
this (from a totaly other company than the non-to-be-named one): 

> I apreaciate if you do not publicly anounced our problems 
> with Skolelinux just now, becaus this could hurt our company 
> in a vonurable phase.   

I understand that your eagernes to use any argument that could break my will 
to keep buiseness negosiations a secret before it's ready for official 
release. We have the resources to answer the question about the running of 
some easy managable things in Skolelinux without your effort. And we will 
go public with the results as fast as posible anyway. This will be done in 
accordance to the plans, and in accordance to the agreement with the other 
parties already involved - also they you omitted. So why not joing this 
effort instead of using all this energy and frustration on saying no? 


Knut Yrvin
Prosjektleder Skolelinux / teknisk veileder for norsk OpenOffice
Kontor: IT-staben i Akershus fylkeskommune, Schweigaards gate 4, 
0185 Oslo -- E-post: knuty@skolelinux.no, Mob: 90895765

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