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Re: [LiS-styret] Re: Commercial involvement of SLX Debian Labs in Debian Edu market

ons, 28.07.2004 kl. 13.16 skrev Knut Yrvin:
> onsdag 28 juli 2004, 07:24, skrev Markus Gamenius:
> > But I do not understand why Knut can't answer the questions from
> > Ragnar. He could at least say that he could not say anything about
> > the deal because .
> "Unfortunatly" contract negotiations are stricte confedensial. It's not 
> a problem for SLX Debian Labs to ask the no-named firm if they could 
> announce their existence. But SLX Debian Labs can't do this on behalf 
> on an other firm. So to be clean when negotiationing, we have to follow 
> contract law and the rules when doing this. We have come clean out of 
> this by not telling who we negotiate with, but ask the firm them self 
> to anounce their precence. 
> My impression is that also Debian Labs keep their negotiations 
> confedensial when they are doing negotiations in the comercial space.  
> They don't go official before their contracts are in place.  How this 
> information is shared before everything is on place also regularted by 
> trade agreement, and rules of coundut that the goes far beyound the 
> reach of our practices, even if we have, as we see it, other 
> perspective on this matter. 
> I understand that this answer is not what you hoped for. But we have to 
> do this cleanly. So when you as a get to know certain things, it's a  
> weight and importance of the imformation you get. Somethimes a leader 
> as you are must have some information, and keep it unofficially until 
> the information is ready to tell everybody. An e-post-list is as 
> officiall you can get :-). Unfortunatly some information is not ready 
> for that yet ...

This answer is much better than saying nothing, so I'm satisfied for
now. But I hope You will "push" the "no-name-firm" to stand forth. I
belive that more people than me wouldlike to know who they are. 

I'm also stressing You to tell as much as possible as soon as possible
about what this deal is all about. What are they going to do? What shall
SLX-Debian-Labs do? What do SLX-Debian-Labs and Skolelinux get in

Best regards 


> Sincerely 
> Knut Yrvin
Markus Gamenius

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