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English skolelinux users mailing list etc


I'm very new here so pardon my impertinence!

Is there currently an English speaking Skolelinux (or I guess debian-edu)
Users (as opposed to developers) mailing list?  If not, is there any
intention to start one?  It appears that there probably is a Norwegian one
but an English one would broaden the field somewhat.

The reason I ask is I'm hoping in the next few weeks to start a test in
order to help my old school set up a Skolelinux network here in Dublin.
The main teacher involved is extremely smart but not that experienced with
linux.  It would be very helpful for him to have a User Group (as opposed
to a Developers Group) which would answer questions, give pointers, discuss
issues etc.

Personally, I would sign up for both lists but I would prefer not to
ask/answeruser or basic admin questions on the Dev group and I think the
technical level of discussion would be a bit off-putting to a teacher who
is relatively new to linux.

Presumably the point of Skolelinux is that teachers and school students are
the main target.  Perhaps a forum for them to discuss their issues and ask
questions is important?

At the moment I have a few questions which I would prefer to put to a Users
list, eg 

 * is it possible to get the beautiful KDE config from snofrix to work on venus?
 * is it inadvisable to use a backport of OpenOffice 1.1.X on venus?
 * Xeons are recommended (if I've translated the Norwegian hardware page
   correctly) and Athlon MPs are not so.  What is the opinion on Opterons
   in 32-Bit mode?


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