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Re: Q: Raid-5 Controller (Hardware aquiration)

[Thomas Templin]
> I would _never_ use a software raid controller in a productive
> environment!  It's like having a Porsche on bicycle tires.  It will
> work until there is a problem.  But what comes than will be a
> disaster.

Yes, I've noticed some people have an impressive trust in hardware
raid.  When we decided to use software raid on
developer.skolelinux.no, instead of the optional hw raid controller in
the Dell PowerEdge 2550, we benchmarked the performance and discovered
that the software raid was a lot faster than the hardware raid.  And
with software raid, we were able to get information about the status
of the raid, while with HW raid we didn't find any sensible tools to
administrate it.

> Have a look at IPC Vortex controllers they are (mostly) working out
> of the box.

Which kernel driver are these using?  Could you provide some info for
my page at

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