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Re: Q: Raid-5 Controller (Hardware aquiration)

On Mon, Jul 19, 2004 at 05:56:16PM +0200, Ralf Gesellen'setter wrote:
> Dear Hardware experts,

I'm not one of those. I'm focussing on maintainablility. 

> Klaus and others recommended an PCI Adaptec 2100S Raid 0/1/5 controller 
> for usage with a FSC TX150 Server.

I guess then Klaus have experience with this controller. 

BUt I've been playing a bit with some Raidcontrollers. Mainly Compaq/HP
Smartarray, and an old DAC960. I know that the DAC has problems if you
have more than 1 GB of memory on the mainboard. Dont use the DAC if you
have more than 2GB on the machine. I've been told that this is fixed in
2.6 kernels, but We dont provide 2.6 kernels for Skolelinux. 

The SMartArray controller (cciss-driver) is a fiddle to install on,
please see bug #789 for install instructions. 
Also I've done a backport of cpqarrayd, which is placed in woody-test.
It will send a message to syslog, the snmp stuff is disabled in the

NOw my main concern is the need to detect if some disc fails. I hope
Klaus installs some software that reports error if they happen. It's no
use of having a Raid, if you find out that the second disc fails due to
the fact the server stopped. 

I would opt for some well supported SCSI controller, with hotswap
disks, and set up SWRaid. You still have to read the mail on the main
server, unless you send your messages elsewere, but it's easy to
monitor the staus of the raid. 

Finn-Arne Johansen 

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