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Q: Raid-5 Controller (Hardware aquiration)

Dear Hardware experts,

Klaus and others recommended an PCI Adaptec 2100S Raid 0/1/5 controller 
for usage with a FSC TX150 Server.

One of our possible suppliers insists on omitting that device (400 Eu!) 
as the TX150 comes with some built-in Adaptec 2010 PCI extension that 
uses the onboard SCSI interface offering a hardware RAID-5 function.

I don't know what driver is needed for this (just the driver for the 
adaptec pci controller 2010 as it takes total control of the onboard 
scsi interface?) Are there any experiences? The difference is 20% of 
the price!

Another possible supplier votes against Adaptec (they tend to swallow 
small companies and prone to get monopol status he says) and suggests 
some ICP (Vortex) GDT8114Rz (Raid 0/1) or another version for Raid-5. 
Any comments on this?

Finally, the onboard Intel Gigabit NIC was said to surpass any 3COM PCI 
NIC - even with PCI NICs, Intel was said to be the better choice. Well, 
this is a minor question, but I was surprised to here it.


P.S.: "Deadline" for answers that can be taken into consideration is Wed 
1:00 am. :)

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