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Re: Q: Raid-5 Controller (Hardware aquiration)

On Tuesday 20 July 2004 18:04, Ralf Gesellen'setter wrote:
> thanks for sharing your experience - I don't think we'll use a DAC
> controller.
> On Monday 19 July 2004 22:58, Finn-Arne Johansen wrote:
> > I would opt for some well supported SCSI controller, with hotswap
> > disks, and set up SWRaid. You still have to read the mail on the main
> > server, unless you send your messages elsewere, but it's easy to
> > monitor the staus of the raid.
> Does this mean you'd plea to use a plain SCSI PCI controller and doing
> RAID-5(?) as software solution? Is it a problem to get a message if a
> hardware Raid controller detects a disk failure?

I would _never_ use a software raid controller in a productive environment!
It's like having a Porsche on bicycle tires. 
It will work until there is a problem. 
But what comes than will be a disaster.

Have a look at IPC Vortex controllers they are (mostly) working out of the 


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