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Re: Doubts/suggestions with event organization(MiniDebConf '14)

in-line :-

On 8/13/14, Vasudev Kamath <kamathvasudev@gmail.com> wrote:


> Yes it should be debian centric, because we talked with DPL told him
> Debian will benefit from this and now making theme as something else
> than Debian is not agreeable. Either don't use fund from Debian and name
> miniDebconf or make it more and more Debian specific.

Dear Vasudev,
    We can only suggest of things we have worked upon. I know Praveen
has worked on diaspora quite a bit that is why he suggested that. If
you are working on something which is more debian-centric please share
that and take ownership of it. We are open to learning, sharing and
giving it forward.

As far as I know debian-development means one of the following things :-

a. Packaging a new app :- Something which isn't in debian's repository
but which for which there is an RFP.  There is popcon which can help
us to know which packages are most desired by people and as a group or
some of the individuals can package it .

This is given as usually happens after Praveen gives his talk but yes,
we can be more focused into the apps. we want to package. Praveen
would most probably be looking for help to pack the remaining for
diaspora to be apt-gettable.

b. Work on bug-reports :-  While I can take a session on bug-reporting
on some random package or a specific package (no libraries though
please) and triaging some of the bug-reports. This again is
time-consuming as one has to have love for a certain package and
others should share it for this to be a success. Of course packages
such as VLC or libreoffice which are generic and used by the masses
could well do with a reduced bug count. I can take initiative here.

c. The other way we could do is testing jessie images which we already
plan to do. I saw that jessie beta 1 is already in works and by the
time we are there, we would be near to deep freeze. We could perhaps
help with either some info. or some hacking to make the RC-bug count
smaller. How much success we have on this en-devour will belong on the
people participating on it. I can volunteer for it but somebody else
would have to take initiative of this.

d. Debian infrastructure :- Last but not the least hacking on d-i, the
PTS, BTS or any of the massive bits of pieces that make debian what it
is. I'm sure there is a lot there we can contribute but we would need
a mentor or two to guide and focus us which can benefit from a few
hours to a day's work. If you are intimately familiar with some part
of the debian-infrastructure you should take the lead here.

If you have any other ideas in mind, feel free to share them.

Lastly, please do not belittle the idea of private, secure
communications. I, like Praveen believe that we are in critical need
of such kind of infrastructure.

If Lucas (leader@debian.org) says this is against debian's policy we
will not do it, but would like to hear from him..

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