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Re: Doubts/suggestions with event organization(MiniDebConf '14)

Bottom :-
> For most of the students who are attending, they would be looking at
> survival options as well. All said and done, I can only volunteer if
> my stomach is full. So having some commercial FOSS presence as in way
> of sponsors would be good. For a student his main motivation would be
> to find work after finishing his education. I am of the opinion that
> we should encourage students to start small businesses on free
> software or/and hardware and there is enough demand for alternatives
> that has not been explored. Using some of the products to articulate
> the same idea would be a good thing as well.

Ofcourse. And from my experience, during my B.Tech time, whenever I asked my HOD permission to go (so as to get duty leave. :P), his first question would be "Will they recruit?". We should definitely expect that question. :)
Having some companies like Zyxware as sponsors would be great.
> Unlike in the west, in India most of the time we have to prod students to ask questions or even stupid questions just so they open up. I know lot of students self-censure themselves even if they have a good question or weren't able to understand something.

True. Students always have the fear of being embarassed in case their question is silly. Less formal talks could lower that fear. :)

> c. BOF's (Birds of a Feather) :- If there is an idea that some people
> are passionate about or at least you are passionate about and want
> others to help you refine the idea and probably help you in creating
> it.

This would be awesome. 

> @Vasudev - I am not sure by what you mean by giving back to Debian ?
> Maybe some idea or example would help us know what you mean by that.

From what I understood, I think he meant that through this conference, we should inspire more students to contribute to debian. So the hacknights would be more debian-centric. Not sure if I got it right. :)

Balasankar C

"Freedom is never easily won, but once established, freedom lasts, spreads and chokes out tyranny." - Trent Lott

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