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Re: Doubts/suggestions with event organization(MiniDebConf '14)

Quoting Vasudev Kamath (2014-08-12 15:49:31)
> Pirate Praveen <praveen@onenetbeyond.org> writes:
>>> The way I see it, if the budget is out in the open and if there is 
>>> some shortfall which we make up by some registration fees, I don't 
>>> see any issues as the idea for such events is to be 
>>> self-sustainable. The registration fees should not be so much that 
>>> an average person is unable to pay.
>> We can decide if we are going to charge registration fee. My 
>> suggestion is we should charge a registration fee to cover expense 
>> for food and promotional materials. How do we plan accommodation? Do 
>> we plan to charge for it?
> My suggestion (with my hat of miniDebconf organization 2011 on) keep 
> it free as far as possible, I don't see point in charging people 
> attending the conference. If you want to give out goodies like 
> T-Shirts charge for it rather than conference itself.

I wholeheartedly agree with Vasudev.

Perhaps what can be confusing here is the very term "conference".

Wikipedia describes a "conference" as either a commercially oriented 
business event or a university oriented thesis presentation event.

What is more descriptive of Debian conferences is "Unconference": 

Since I (a few years ago) realized how "conference" doesn't really cover 
well what a Debconf is (and therefore what a minidebconf mimics on a 
smaller scale), I have instead described it as "gatherings".

That said, there is no "policy" regarding minidebconf - you are free to 
do whatever you like to do!

...but beware that sponsors will have a say, so be cautious who you 
accept money from if you want to preserve your artistic freedom in 
designing your event.  Screwing a sponsor will damage not only your 
relationship towards that sponsor, but also that of others in your area 
and maybe on wider scale too.  Stay friends with those who help you.

 - Jonas

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