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Re: Doubts/suggestions with event organization(MiniDebConf '14)

ബാലശങ്കർ സി <balasankarc@gnome.org> writes:

> Ofcourse. And from my experience, during my B.Tech time, whenever I
> asked my HOD permission to go (so as to get duty leave. :P), his first
> question would be "Will they recruit?". We should definitely expect
> that question. :)
> Having some companies like Zyxware as sponsors would be great.

This is something which doesn't look like going to change any time

>> Unlike in the west, in India most of the time we have to prod
>> students to ask questions or even stupid questions just so they open
>> up. I know lot of students self-censure themselves even if they have
>> a good question or weren't able to understand something.
> True. Students always have the fear of being embarassed in case their
> question is silly. Less formal talks could lower that fear. :)

When you make more formal they tend not to talk, but on other hand when
you host something in colleges faculty expects it to be more formal,
This is something I faced when I organized miniDebconf back in 2011.

>> c. BOF's (Birds of a Feather) :- If there is an idea that some people
>> are passionate about or at least you are passionate about and want
>> others to help you refine the idea and probably help you in creating
>> it.
> This would be awesome. 
>> @Vasudev - I am not sure by what you mean by giving back to Debian ?
>> Maybe some idea or example would help us know what you mean by that.
> From what I understood, I think he meant that through this conference,
> we should inspire more students to contribute to debian. So the
> hacknights would be more debian-centric. Not sure if I got it
> right. :)

Yes it should be debian centric, because we talked with DPL told him
Debian will benefit from this and now making theme as something else
than Debian is not agreeable. Either don't use fund from Debian and name
miniDebconf or make it more and more Debian specific.

@shirish: Please restrain from top posting, if you like to quote
something from the mail then snip out unnecessary parts, I think already
Jonas told this ;-).

Vasudev Kamath
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