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Re: Doubts/suggestions with event organization(MiniDebConf '14)

in-line :-

On 8/11/14, R.Harish Navnit <harishnavnit@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> As the date for the MiniDebConf draws nearer and nearer, I think it's about
> time that we made swift progress and considering how/where we started,
> we've made considerable progress I believe.
> We at Amritapuri are currently working on attracting sponsors for the event
> while at the same time preparing a rough budget and agenda for the event.
> These things, as you'd know, with any event are of utmost importance. In
> order to get an idea on the rough estimate and prepare agenda etc, I'd like
> to ask for clarification on a few things. They are as follows :
>    1. Will the MiniDebConf have a registration fees ? If yes, how much ? It
>    would be nice if we could add options for participants to register as
>    early bird tickets etc in the website. That's something that I'd personally
>    like  to see, but let me know what you think of the same.

The way I see it, if the budget is out in the open and if there is
some shortfall which we make up by some registration fees, I don't see
any issues as the idea for such events is to be self-sustainable. The
registration fees should not be so much that an average person is
unable to pay.

That said, if a part of registration proceeds towards creation of a
diaspora pod either in kerala somewhere. or is donated for the pod in
Pune (yes, we are planning in some-time to have one) I don't think
that would be an issue. A similar pod exists now with vision of
Praveen called poddery.com (please check it out if not done before.)
If we get some funds for the Pune pod, then whenever we are able to
set it, we would credit the University of Amritapuri for the same.

>    2. Will the Debian community come up with T-shirts for the event, or
>    will they have to be given for printing ?

I think everybody should be free to little commercial activity around
the event. I would love to see more t-shirts, hoodies etc. with some
wit about free software etc. Sharing some merchandising that Pavi saw
at a free software booth. We just need to be aware we aren't carried
away with the commercial side of the event.

>    3. Does Debian have certificate template for such events ?

We haven't experimented with that, if needed the University management
could give certificates for attending the minidebconf. We obviously
can't certify that anybody will become 'expert' in any particular
technology by attending the event, the most that can be said is they
will become aware of the technology per se.

>    4. Should we consider conducting night-long hackathons in a MiniDebConf
>    ? Is anyone(someone with prior experience in conducting one, if
>     possible) willing to volunteer ?

       We have done that, /me points the finger at Praveen. The only
requirements, lots of chai and coffee and some mid-night snacks or
something. Power, wi-fi and a room with casual atmosphere are
essentials as well.

>    5. I know the DebConf is a technical event and hence I'm asking this.
>    Would it be fine to host some cultural events(music and dance perhaps) ?
> It
>    might however, be a better idea to host a dinner party IMHO. Let me know
>    your take on the same.

 Depends on people. I have been to both kind of conferences, ones
where there is music, dance and dinner and ones which just have
dinner. The idea of both is to have the hair down post-event. I am
comfortable in either a scenario. At any rate, dinner is must :)

> Other than these, I'd like to stress that we're in need of sponsors, be it
> Debian or someone else. We could do with some help from one in all in this
> regard(help in finding sponsors).

I am willing to help and so is Praveen. You need to prepare the
sponsorship document with some figures and all and we would try from
our end.

We might also be able to share names of companies who might be
interested in Delhi, mumbai or Bangalore but might need somebody whose
boots are on ground therein to go and talk to those people and
convince as well.

> That's all I can think of for the moment. I'll add to this thread if I
> require clarifications on anything in the future.

All of the above is just my opinion. I am sure other worthies on the
mailing list would be in much better shape to give a better shape
perhaps :)

> Thanks !
> R.Harish Navnit
> The Enigma <http://harishnavnit.wordpress.com>

Till l8er.
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