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Re: Doubts/suggestions with event organization(MiniDebConf '14)

Pirate Praveen <praveen@onenetbeyond.org> writes:

>> The way I see it, if the budget is out in the open and if there is
>> some shortfall which we make up by some registration fees, I don't see
>> any issues as the idea for such events is to be self-sustainable. The
>> registration fees should not be so much that an average person is
>> unable to pay.
> We can decide if we are going to charge registration fee. My suggestion
> is we should charge a registration fee to cover expense for food and
> promotional materials. How do we plan accommodation? Do we plan to
> charge for it?

My suggestion (with my hat of miniDebconf organization 2011 on) keep it
free as far as possible, I don't see point in charging people attending
the conference. If you want to give out goodies like T-Shirts charge for
it rather than conference itself.

>> That said, if a part of registration proceeds towards creation of a
>> diaspora pod either in kerala somewhere. or is donated for the pod in
>> Pune (yes, we are planning in some-time to have one) I don't think
>> that would be an issue. A similar pod exists now with vision of
>> Praveen called poddery.com (please check it out if not done before.)
>> If we get some funds for the Pune pod, then whenever we are able to
>> set it, we would credit the University of Amritapuri for the same.
> This is an excellent idea. We should theme the whole event around
> private communications and we should charge some amount towards hosting
> a diaspora pod (plus xmpp chat) and optionally allow those who are
> interested to donate more. We should have a hacknight on setting up
> diapsora pod and create a team who will maintain the pod.

Private communication? Are we talking about miniDebconf or some other
event? When we are getting funds from Debian I'm against theming it with
something other than Debian. Our main concern here is to get more Debian
contributor and thats how we got the funds from Debian and now you are
talking about theming it as private communication event? I would not
support that.

Its alright to have other talks in miniDebconf but main point should be
getting more contributors to Debian from India.

>>>    2. Will the Debian community come up with T-shirts for the event, or
>>>    will they have to be given for printing ?
>> I think everybody should be free to little commercial activity around
>> the event. I would love to see more t-shirts, hoodies etc. with some
>> wit about free software etc. Sharing some merchandising that Pavi saw
>> at a free software booth. We just need to be aware we aren't carried
>> away with the commercial side of the event.
> We should design and print the t shirts. We can give one part of the
> price towards the diaspora pod expense.

How about contributing some thing back to Debian and related community?

>>>    3. Does Debian have certificate template for such events ?
>> We haven't experimented with that, if needed the University management
>> could give certificates for attending the minidebconf. We obviously
>> can't certify that anybody will become 'expert' in any particular
>> technology by attending the event, the most that can be said is they
>> will become aware of the technology per se.
> It would be better if the college certify attendance of the event. We
> can design and print the certificates.'
>>>    4. Should we consider conducting night-long hackathons in a MiniDebConf
>>>    ? Is anyone(someone with prior experience in conducting one, if
>>>     possible) willing to volunteer ?
>>        We have done that, /me points the finger at Praveen. The only
>> requirements, lots of chai and coffee and some mid-night snacks or
>> something. Power, wi-fi and a room with casual atmosphere are
>> essentials as well.
> We should. and I can volunteer.
> a. diaspora/ruby packaging
> b. diaspora pod/xmpp service
> c. bug squashing party
> d. roundcude improvements
> e. textsecure/xmpp otr on all platforms.

May be some more Debian related talks? You are a DD here Praveen, please
give more talks on Debian.


> I have a happy news. Lucas Nussbaum, Debian Project Leader, has
> allocated 4500 EUR, or 6000 USD, to this event, for participation in
> funding of travel Debian contributors to/from the event.

And we should make sure we contribute something back to Debian after the
event and keep event more specific to Debian.

> So this takes away a big amount of our financial worry and guarantees we
> can run the event smoothly.
> We should still find more sponsors so we can make the event even more
> better. Like reaching out to large number of students, discount food
> expense, raise money for diaspora pod etc.
> Also we need one volunteer to be treasurer for the event, all expense
> has to go through that person. We can have a team to help out as well.
>>> That's all I can think of for the moment. I'll add to this thread if I
>>> require clarifications on anything in the future.
>> All of the above is just my opinion. I am sure other worthies on the
>> mailing list would be in much better shape to give a better shape
>> perhaps :)
> Everyone has their worth and people asking questions has more worth,
> because we can clarify things.

Vasudev Kamath
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