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Re: casual proposal, some potential sponsors and telegram.

> Hopefully the team handling the speakers would be able to curate
> ideas, tips and do's and don'ts which could be shared with the speaker
> well before he comes to Kollam so he has ample time to work out any
> niggling issues.  One important tip is don't hack on anything that
> works. I have been to too many conferences where we weren't able to
> see a demo of what works/ed because the developer did some changes
> last night itself which broke the build or something. Make sure that
> is a no-no.
> Apart from that, we should all have fun :)
> I hope I answered you Bala, if something is still an issue/query feel
> free to raise it.

Yeah you did. :) . It's just that, when students hear about a "paper presentation" (or see a CFP), they probably has a conventional to-do list - like, prepare paper, send it, get approval, prepare presentation, go and present it. It is cooler to have a conference where there is no need of such boring stuff.
I just think it would be better if this (what you told) is also mentioned somewhere in the website. Just that people knows. :)

Balasankar C

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