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Re: casual proposal, some potential sponsors and telegram.

On Wednesday 06 August 2014 04:50 PM, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> Being Free Software (or Open Source as some prefer to label it) is good 
> (but percentage is silly: either it is or it isn't Free Software!)
> What I objected to, however, was not the freedoms defined by "Free 
> Software" and "Open Source", but instead the freedom of independence and 
> staying in control of own devices and own data - a.k.a. privacy.
> Code can be "100% open source" while breaching privacy.

If we do end-to-end encryption, we can guarantee privacy. But if we
depend on a centralized service, we are creating dependence, for some
reason if the service provider is shut down, you are out of luck. Also I
couldn't figure out what protocol they use from their FAQ. So my
recommendations are TextSecure or XMPP/OTR. I use Loqui IM on my Firefox
OS phone (there is no TextSecure yet for Firefox OS) with OTR support.
On desktop, you can use pidgin with otr plugin.

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