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Re: casual proposal, some potential sponsors and telegram.

at bottom :-

On 8/12/14, ബാലശങ്കർ സി <balasankarc@gnome.org> wrote:
>> Also, then what people like us who usually prepare presentations
>> extempore (esp. if you want to keep it short. :) )
> I don't know if I got you right. We are talking about "papers" right? The
> presentation is one part of that. You need a base paper based on which the
> presentation is built.
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Bala, you got it right. In the traditional sense, what is done is
people share an 'abstract' and then the whole paper is presented. This
is what ACM and most of the formal conferences do. In Debian, while
you can do that, you can also just share a by-line or give some sense
of topic of what you are going to talk about.

For e.g. the students who have worked with the various free software
stacks for the past GSOCs, they could use this opportunity to relive
the issues and takeaways from it which would ensure that students do
not face the same issues as they did. This would definitely help
people know of software they didn't know before and hopefully
everybody wins.

One of the things we should insist on all speakers is that they use
debian during all and any presentations. While we could make
exceptions for the various GNU/Linux absolutely no MS-Windows and no
MAC OS (although BSD's would be ok I guess).

Hopefully the team handling the speakers would be able to curate
ideas, tips and do's and don'ts which could be shared with the speaker
well before he comes to Kollam so he has ample time to work out any
niggling issues.  One important tip is don't hack on anything that
works. I have been to too many conferences where we weren't able to
see a demo of what works/ed because the developer did some changes
last night itself which broke the build or something. Make sure that
is a no-no.

Apart from that, we should all have fun :)

I hope I answered you Bala, if something is still an issue/query feel
free to raise it.
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