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Re: casual proposal, some potential sponsors and telegram.

at bottom :-

On 8/7/14, ബാലശങ്കർ സി <balasankarc@gnome.org> wrote:
>> If I'm not wrong, balasankar is doing the CFP/registration form
>> implementation, right ?
> Once we are fine with the delegate registration, I can imitate that to make
> speaker registraion. Few doubts though.
> 1. Speakers are basically delegates who present papers na? So all the fields
> of the current registration shoud be retained na? Including T-Shirt.
> 2. Additional fields would be a textbox for entering paper title na?
> 3. How do we plan to get papers? File upload or via mail? The usual way is
> via mail. Something like papers@minidebconf.in .
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> Balasankar C
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Also, then what people like us who usually prepare presentations
extempore (esp. if you want to keep it short. :) )
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