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Re: casual proposal, some potential sponsors and telegram.

Quoting shirish शिरीष (2014-08-05 20:05:52)
> addition at bottom :-

Please consider quoting only relevant parts.

> On 8/5/14, shirish शिरीष <shirishag75@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Some of the potential sponsors besides the ones we know are :-
>> a. All those who advertise on Open Source for You
>> b. All those who sponsored recent rubicon in pune
>> c. All those who are sponsoring pycon in bangalore (supposed to be
>> happening now and soonish)
> umm... came to know about telegram few days back. It's supposed to be 
> an alternative to whatsapp with lot of features to boot.
> See https://telegram.org/
> I don't have a android phone (still on a pre-smartsphone era platform) 
> but it would be nice if somebody wants to try it with me. I did see 
> it's almost on all the platforms and they do have an Public API 
> published (how stable or not, not known.)
> If somebody tries it out, add my number and we can test it out. Give a 
> shout though before trying it out so I know.

Those using Android _and_ caring about control over own devices are 
strongly encouraged to follow the Guardian Project: 

They like the UI design of Telegram, but are *not* happy with its 
technical design: 

For cross-platform communication I recommend followiing the Debian 
project to establish federated XMPP andd SIP structures (aimed 
specifically at Debian developers, but since the federation is open any 
other organisation can use exact same structures and collaborate more or 
less directly with the Debian infrastructure): 

 - Jonas

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