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Re: [Mini DebConf India] Not coming to Mangalore debconf 28th -29th/30th October 2011.

shirish शिरीष said on Sun, Sep 04, 2011 at 01:26:18PM +0530,:

 > Atleast couple of topics I already know that I want to play/share
 > :- a. Do the installfest - As from whatever I have heard so far
 > there hasn't been a proper installfest. Do it both this time, both
 > with the graphical GUI and the expert install so students know and
 > do see each for what they give.

That is something you will do at a newbie events. Wasn't this supposed
to be a devel meet?

Try to highlight the ease of use, maintenance and developing on
Debian. Debian provides an excellent cross-platform development

Expect an audience who knows how to partition disks and run VMs. Not
just emulators and eye candy. 

As I understand it, Vasudev is looking at the techie audience in and
around Mangalore.

 >  It would be nice if we have couple of 8 GB sticks or something so
 > we can show the debian-installer in all its glory.

Best to use 360/500 MB drives - if still available - that is all it
takes to have a proper running Debian system. Ah. but you want the
GUI, don't you? 


Mahesh T. Pai   ||
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