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Re: [Mini DebConf India] Working on ruby package migrations for next debian release/wheezy

On 17:19 Sun 04 Sep     , Praveen A wrote:
> > If anyone wants to join me, we can do it as debian ruby migrations day.
> Abdul Karim, Sana Khan, Vasudev and Muneeb joined. I did one package
> review, one gem packaging and updated many bug reports.
I don't know about others I just joined #debian-ruby, I didn't do
anything :) other than fighting with Praveen in Private chat ;).

I was actually working on lohit fonts renaming parallely in
debian-in-mentors with abdulkarim later joined by sana and muneeb :)

Best Regards
Vasudev Kamath
vasudev@joindiaspora.com (Ostatus)

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