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Re: [Mini DebConf India] Not coming to Mangalore debconf 28th -29th/30th October 2011.

I would be coming too. Let's wait two days and see who else is coming from Pune, it would be fun if all of us go together. Anyone else planning to come from Pune?

On Sep 3, 2011 11:40 PM, "shirish शिरीष" <shirishag75@gmail.com> wrote:

sorry for putting up another thread but I'm subscribed to the
debian-dug-in ML .

So Mahesh replied and he is on the money (wish you had CC'ed it to me
as well). http://lists.debian.org/debian-dug-in/2011/09/msg00011.html

Anyways, the short version is it looks good from here. The
Pune-Madgaon train seems to have ample number of seats.

12780 - Pune to Madgaon (Goa Express) 25th October 2011 - 16:30 - 5:40 a.m.
12133 - Madgaon to Mangalore (Mangalore Express) 26th October 2011-
8:30 - 15:15

Coming back  I see 2 direct trains from Mangalore to Pune but they are on 1st.

11098 - Mangalore - Pune (Poorna Express)
Mangalore Junction - Pune Station 01st November 2011 -
8:00 - 5:05


12159 - ERS Pune Express - Mangalore Junction - Pune 01st November 2011

12:35 - 5:50 .

Notes :- Konkan Railway is down atm due to torrential rains in Maharashtra .


Have been on Konkan Railway few times and whenever have been they are
a joyride. Some of the most beautiful nature's bounty. Christian
(bubulee) its a pity you would not be going through this route
otherwise you would see beautiful forests and waterfalls through the
journey. The best of Western Ghats and the forests of Karnataka.

Going tomorrow to book tickets for the journey.

/me out.

--           Regards,           Shirish Agarwal  शिरीष अग्रवाल   My quotes in this email licensed u...

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