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Re: Not coming to Mangalore debconf 28th -29th/30th October 2011.

shirish शिरीष said on Sat, Sep 03, 2011 at 08:03:01PM +0530,:

 > I went online to find a train reservation from either mumbai-mangalore
 > in the vicinity of 25th/26th October or from Pune -Bangalore -
 > Mangalore from 25th/26th . While I did get positive from the Bangalore
 > - Mangalore thing (via train) from Pune-Bangalore all trains are
 > booked, its the same from mumbai-mangalore as well.

Can't you take one of those trains from Pune to Madgaon and take a
train VIA KRC from there? 

25/26-10 is few days away. Even if you book with a WL status of 200+,
chances are that you will be confirmed by then.

Here is a suggestion:-

Goa express:-
Pune 16.30 Hrs on 24th > Madgaon (05.40 Hrs arrival) on 25th. 

Mangalore express:_
08.30 HRS Madgaon > Mangalore (15.15 arrival)

Mahesh T. Pai   ||

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