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Re: Texinfo vs. Debian install-info

Hi all!

First of all, a good message Nicolas, Karl has included your patch for
+  { "remove-exactly",    no_argument, NULL, 'x' },
+  { "section-regex", required_argument, NULL, 'R' },
into upstream. So we have some work less. Ok, I have to use the patch,
too, or I will use a cvs snapshot of texinfo package ...

On Sam, 19 Mai 2007, Nicolas François wrote:
> At least, during the interim, the GNU's install-info will be used in
> backend.


> Regarding the options, I'm not really worried. An audit of the maintainer
> script will indicate which options are used. And there is a fail-safe
> solution which consist in warning the user and doing nothing (no failures) if
> an operation of the dpkg's install-info cannot be performed.


On Sam, 19 Mai 2007, Nicolas François wrote:
> > Debian --section regexp title
> This option takes two arguments, which can be a pain for getopt.

See above.

> The second point was mentioned earlier IIRC (last year).
> The dpkg's install-info aligns the sections' titles, and this is not done
> by the GNU's install-info. I don't know whether this makes a difference
> for the info viewers.

No idea, Karl?

On Sam, 19 Mai 2007, Nicolas François wrote:
> > >    - Add support for multiple dir files in the info viewer.
> > >      This would permit update-info-dir to use the
> > >      --dir-file /usr/share/info/debian-dir option.
> > >      /usr/share/info/dir (and /usr/local/share/info/dir) could be used for
> > >      non Debian's info files.
> > 
> > This is already working as Karl mentioned (AFAIR)
> Nice.
> Would it make sense then to use /usr/share/info/debian/dir, and hardcode
> this dir file in the info viewer.
> My goal is to avoid corruptions by the packages manually installed (with
> make && make install).
> Do you know where the info files are installed in that case (in
> /usr/share/info/dir, or somewhere in /usr/local)? And what dir file is
> updated?

Puuh, depending on the configure call, normally they should go into
/usr/local/share/info ...

Best wishes


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