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Re: Texinfo vs. Debian install-info

    > Attached an email comparing the cmd line options

To repeat what I told Norbert back when we were discussing this, I don't
think a Perl implementation of install-info will work for GNU.

The reason is that install-info is one of the very few "basic utilities"
listed in the GNU coding standards (Node: Utilities in Makefiles),
because it is more or less part of installing a system from scratch.

Unfortunately install-info.c is not exactly a model of programming
glory, but still, it can't be that hard to implement the Debian options
in C.

Looking again now at the last section of Norbert's mail:

Options in Debian install-info NOT in GNU
	--align=nnn [deprecated]
       --calign=nnn [deprecated]
       --maxwidth=nnn [deprecated]

Do we care about these deprecated options?


These are trivial to implement.

              Inhibits  the replacement of existing entries and the removal of
              empty sections.

That one is harder.  But my glimmer of understanding from Nicolas'
message was that Debian wasn't going to do this anyway, but instead
regenerate the entire dir file on every installation.  Can we get away
without this one?


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