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Re: Texinfo vs. Debian install-info

On Wed, May 16, 2007 at 10:48:48PM +0200, preining@logic.at wrote:
> Hi Karl,
> On Mit, 16 Mai 2007, Karl Berry wrote:
> > To repeat what I told Norbert back when we were discussing this, I don't
> > think a Perl implementation of install-info will work for GNU.
> AFAIUnderstand the perl would only be a wrapper in Debian for some time
> being to ease the transition from Debian install-info to GNU
> install-info, ie until all packages are cleaned.
> Currently GNU install-info is installed as ginstall-info. The wrapper
> would be installed as install-info instead of dpkg current
> implementation, and would call ginstall-info. As soon as all packages
> are fixed and policy and debhelper (no need to understand) are changed,
> we can remove the workaround/wrapper and install GNU install-info as the
> normal /usr/bin/install-info.
> At least that is what I understood.

That's right.

The goal is to use the GNU's install info. But this can't be done
directly. An interim period is needed where old packages will not fail.
Also, the interim period will be quite long (not just a few info packages
versions, but 1 (or 2) Debian releases).

At least, during the interim, the GNU's install-info will be used in

Regarding the options, I'm not really worried. An audit of the maintainer
script will indicate which options are used. And there is a fail-safe
solution which consist in warning the user and doing nothing (no failures) if
an operation of the dpkg's install-info cannot be performed.

For example, I think a void implementation of the --keep-old option in a
wrapper is acceptable for the interim.

Best Regards,

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