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Re: Texinfo vs. Debian install-info

Hi Karl,

On Mit, 16 Mai 2007, Karl Berry wrote:
> To repeat what I told Norbert back when we were discussing this, I don't
> think a Perl implementation of install-info will work for GNU.

AFAIUnderstand the perl would only be a wrapper in Debian for some time
being to ease the transition from Debian install-info to GNU
install-info, ie until all packages are cleaned.

Currently GNU install-info is installed as ginstall-info. The wrapper
would be installed as install-info instead of dpkg current
implementation, and would call ginstall-info. As soon as all packages
are fixed and policy and debhelper (no need to understand) are changed,
we can remove the workaround/wrapper and install GNU install-info as the
normal /usr/bin/install-info.

At least that is what I understood.

> Options in Debian install-info NOT in GNU
> 	--align=nnn [deprecated]
>        --calign=nnn [deprecated]
>        --maxwidth=nnn [deprecated]

I guess this can be caught in the wrapper with a warning "Please don't
use it, it does nothing...".

> Do we care about these deprecated options?
> 	--debug
> 	--test
> These are trivial to implement.

Yup. Can you take a look? For the moment it is not necessary to actually
do something.

>        --keep-old
>               Inhibits  the replacement of existing entries and the removal of
>               empty sections.
> That one is harder.  But my glimmer of understanding from Nicolas'
> message was that Debian wasn't going to do this anyway, but instead
> regenerate the entire dir file on every installation.  Can we get away
> without this one?

Again, via the wrapper for now.

Any comments on the patch for the C code I sent you?

Thanks a lot for helping with this, it is very much appreciated!

Best wishes


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