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How to make "Debian Reference" as scalable SGML


### Roadmap to the next stage for "Debian reference" ###

After working with several translators and trying to reorganize the
whole document homogeneously across all languages under CVS control for
a large SGML tree, I realized I am up for the real challenge.

My conclusion is I need to separate chapter(<chapt>), section (<sect>,
<sect1>, ...) structures from document contents.  Without it, moving and
reorganizing contents are bitch.

I do not see any Debiandoc documents doing this.  If you know, let me
know.  Any suggestion is welcome.  Success of this document really
relies on scalability and maintainability of the SGML file structure.

I am thinking to have many small files which define just SGML tags in
language specific directory.  Each tag contains document contents,
header, etc..  Each file contains only a section (can be sect1).

Main SGML is auto-generated with template SGML which describe
chapt/sect/sect1 structures and from filenames in language specific
directory of English.

If current qref.sgml is fixed not to use "sed" with clever SGML work,
above scheme may work nicely without "sed".

... Just thinking :)                              Comments welcomed.

PS: Once translation synchronized with current version (4 more items
will be added: pine issue, gpg/pgp.net issue, vi key Macro, locale
issue), then we should convert files into new structures.  Then may it
be best to move main CVS to DDP from SF.NET, I think.
+  Osamu Aoki <debian@aokiconsulting.com> @ Cupertino, CA USA         +

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