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Re: Renaming as "Debian Reference"?

On Mon, Feb 11, 2002 at 01:59:08AM +0100, Josip Rodin wrote:
> So, let's make a reference/ directory in the DDP CVS tree, and start
> merging the quickref and the generic parts of faq in there.

I do not understand what do you mean by "generic parts of faq" ???

Current FAQ addresses more on describing capability and situation of
Debian and it is a good one.  But these are not much focused on
"Solution" to the user questions like my documents.  If there are some
parts which can be incorporated, I will be happy.

If you are thinking about merging with documents such as "Debian User
Reference Manual", its a tough work.  Totally different style.

Some background information:

Basically, since woody release may happen soon, I thought wrapping
usable document up ASAP was the important thing to do.  Thus I released
this as such.  It also has been translated to French and Italian.  I
realize making major change at this moment has very negative impact for
the translation. 

Also most translators are just getting hang of CVS so I want to keep this
easy and center in sourceforge.  Sourceforge has better support as CVS
site.  (I do not know how many people can send crypted e-mail just to
get pserver CVS account.)

If you check-out qref modules from qref.sourceforge.net CVS with
Version-2-branch tag and build html, you will see a document with
different organization.  This was my uncompleted attempts to improve
structure.  When I was doing this, I realized that there exist 2
approaches to make a document:

 1) Bottom up (collection of archive) i
 My original "Quick reference" creation experience.

 2) Top down (larger theme first and each content later) 
 Better method if one can do it.  Requires very good knowledge. (I do
 not have it.) Define chapter before each content of chapter.  Good way
 of making refined documentation when contents are well understood.

I stopped Version-2 effort along approach 2 due to delivery time line
and conflict with translation. That is the reason I started 

  http://qref.sf.net/quick2  (build from debiandoc)

Here no serious ordering nor style synchronization was done but contain
technical tips which requires specific solution and can not be found in
original "Quick reference".  (I should rename it as tips or something
instead of FAQ.) I already included less.txt and exhm.txt from tips. I
do not know how much more to add.

When ever one write a document, deciding which part to toss out is the
toughest part.

Maybe after doing this all, we should reorganize the whole thing and
make a good "Debian Reference (V2)" under /reference.  

> > > > * Debian META Manual
> > "Jul  9  1998" (For English original)  I hardly call it "updated".
> Ah, two things confused me -- I saw it has contents instead of being
> just planned as the DDP index indicates, and the web version included
> a 2002 date so I thought it was being updated.

It is CRON build date, I guess.  SGML files are OLD.  My Makefile does
same for the date :(

+  Osamu Aoki <debian@aokiconsulting.com> @ Cupertino, CA USA         +

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