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NM Guide: undocumented way to create Debian package?

I create a debian package using documentation from New Maintainer's
Guide and I am very thankful that this document created. It is really

However, I noticed that when I created exactly using that documentation,
I ended up with something strange. It is especially from source which
uses Autoconf and Automake to generate configure and Makefile.

For example,

- The binary will reside on /bin which is should be /usr/bin
- Everything which should be on /usr/{bin,sbin,share,...} installed in
  /bin, /sbin /share, ...
  This will result error (E) when using lintian.

Then I found that "debian/rules" file should be edited (I add line


[1] install: build
[2]	dh_testdir
[3]	dh_testroot
[4]	dh_clean -k
[5]	dh_installdirs
[7]	# Add here commands to install the package into debian/hbd.
[8]	$(MAKE) install prefix=$(CURDIR)/debian/hbd/usr


I need to add /usr at the last line of line 8 so that the debian package
created will be in the /usr/...

I maybe wrong, so please CMIIW.


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