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Re: Gnome classic mode


On 12/09/12 16:36, Jean-Christophe Dubacq wrote:
On 12/09/2012 15:53, Jerome BENOIT wrote:

Claiming that ``What is on CD1 is really anecdotic, since most people use (or should
use) the netinst'' really sounds as claim of a newbie who has never installed Debian
on a computer. So do not be surprised to get newbie like responses.
Otherwise, I can manage anecdotic situations without reading newbie FAQ: thanks !

I am pretty sure the claim is that people installing Debian either use
netinst or use a larger support (such as USB key or DVD).

This claim sounds more reasonable.

requires so many CD that I do not see the practical use of the CD image
except in very specific contexts. I do not say it has no uses; I think
Josselin is right when saying that it's anecdotic. More computers
everyday do not have a CD-reader. In wheezy+2, CD will probably have
become really obsolete.

we are at Wheezy minus six months (or so):
let give to time some time.

This surely could be backed by numbers of downloads, that I do not have.

Indeed the ratio CD1/(DVD+USB+ ... (minus)(netinst)) should be low.

Oh, and this has been discussed this summer already.

and netinst is not the only way.


Best wishes,

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