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Re: Gnome classic mode

On 09/11/2012 08:07 PM, Cyril Brulebois wrote:
M-x thread-hijacking-mode

Josselin Mouette<joss@debian.org>  (11/09/2012):
Just because these people are noisy doesn’t make them numerous.

Furthermore, Debian (and Ubuntu too IIRC) makes “GNOME classic”
available right from the login manager, with the default installation.
Not considering gnome-panel 3.x a continuation of the existing
environment is purely bad faith.
Speaking of which, Ubuntu (according to Jeremy) disabled the “booh, bad
luck, gnome classic mode” warning at first login.

Do you mean the warning about the lack of 3D support, so there's no
"Activities" menu and zoom of windows, so gnome goes into "Fallback mode"?

Well, I don't see why this warning should go away. What is the reason to do so?

Do we want to do the
same? As I said on IRC, I'm probably biased since I do quite a lot of

And because you do a lot of testing, it's annoying you, right? Well, for a
"normal" user, you see this message only once. And even though, if you
know that your hardware wont support it, probably you'll go for the Gnome
classic mode directly and wont ever see the message.

So if you choose the 3D windows zoom (which I found really annoying BTW)
"Activities" menu, and that your hardware doesn't support it, I found very
normal to display a warning at least once...

Another thing: upstream decided to display a warning. I'm not sure it is
the role of Debian to decide they are wrong.

Just the 0.02 RMB opinion from a "Gnome classic" user,


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