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Re: Gnome classic mode

On 12/09/12 13:38, Josselin Mouette wrote:
Le mercredi 12 septembre 2012 à 12:40 +0200, Jerome BENOIT a écrit :
What does it happen when no internet connection is available (no access to internet,
no supported driver for the net card) ?
This case is certainly as anecdotic as CD1, but somehow in this situation CD1
can be very useful to step forward. So a CD1 with a light windows manager would be
a good idea;

→ debian-6.0.5-amd64-kde-CD-1.iso
→ debian-6.0.5-amd64-xfce+lxde-CD-1.iso

I’d appreciate if debian-devel could be a place where we talk about
Debian development, not a place to answer newbie FAQs.

Claiming that ``What is on CD1 is really anecdotic, since most people use (or should
use) the netinst'' really sounds as claim of a newbie who has never installed Debian
on a computer. So do not be surprised to get newbie like responses.
Otherwise, I can manage anecdotic situations without reading newbie FAQ: thanks !

the other windows managers could be placed on the other CDs.

I’d also appreciate if people could stop spreading dumb shit like “KDE
is just a window manager”.

Did I say that ?

We could easily ship our 70+ window managers on a single CD. Yet we now
have trouble doing so with a single desktop environment.

I wanted to stress that netinst may not be the only way:
the ``most people'' argument is a little short, not to say a newbie argument.


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